Check Out The LouveRoof

How Does It Look On YOUR House?

Augmented Reality - To Your Reality

Tap the 3D model below on a iPhone or iPad to view the object and place it in AR. NOTE: You must be in safari on either device before tapping the object below.

Or click the model on Mac to download the USDZ file.


If you are on a computer and want to use your iPhone or iPad, simply pull up the camera and point it at the QR Code to the right.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.19.19 PM.png
Step By Step
Scan The QR Code

Using the QR Code, pull up the camera on your iOS Device, point it at the QR Code, and a link will pop up at the top. Tap the link.

Louvered Roof Model 2.PNG
Tap View

When the link starts to load, you are prompted to either VIEW or DOWNLOAD. If you hit view, it will load and you will reach the model shown next.

Lovuered Roof Model3.PNG
Tap Model

Once in this view, tap the model to jump into it. Look below for instructions on using the model in AR.

Louvered Roof Model 2-1.PNG
Tap Download Option

If you're prompted here and you decide download, follow the next two steps.

Louvered Roof Model 4.PNG
Tap Download Icon

First, you'll see in the upper right hand corner of Safari, your download icon pending. Click on that Icon.

Louvered Roof Model 5.PNG
Tap Downloaded Model

You'll see a list of your downloads. The one downloading at the top is the model. Once it downloads, click it and follow the instructions below.

Augmented Reality Louvered Roof Setup.PN
Augmented Reality Lovuered Roof
LouveRoof Augmented Reality view.PNG
Follow the Instructions On Screen
Augmented Reality View
Object View

The Instructions On Screen will prompt you to move the camera around in order for it to gather where it is looking.

Once it loads into the view, follow the gestures below to scale, move and rotate. The Circle Icon Takes A PICTURE. The Top Right Icon SHARES this file with others, and the Top Left Icon EXITS The AR View.

Alternatively, you can go to Object View to look at the LouveRoof in 3D Space. 

How To Navigate AR USDZ Files

Tap Once to bring up the menu or hide the menu

Use one finger to move the object right, left, back, or forward

Use Two Fingers to rotate the object in space

Use Two Fingers to PINCH and Scale the object

Double Tap To Return the Object to 100% Scale

What About YOUR Color?

Black & White
All White
Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.19.19 PM.png
White LouveRoof.png