Why A Louvered Roof?

Louvered Systems, like many outdoor products, have an expected return on their investment.


But How Much Is It?


To understand, let's look at where you save money.
1. LouveRoof Systems Are Somewhere Between Pergolas and Outdoor Kitchens/Fires And Increase Your Home's Value

Though too new to the US, having come here in 2007, Louvered Systems are expected to be somewhere between pergolas and outdoor fires in terms of their value to the bottom line of a house's sale price. This changes based on the location of the LouveRoof, as warmer climates can charge a premium for shade solutions. Given that the LouveRoof can function as both a pergola and a solid roof solution that can cover a patio, outdoor fire, or an outdoor kitchen, it's expected the ROI on it to be somewhere in that category. ROI's for typical outdoor products are the following: Pergola's typically come in anywhere between 60-100% ROI, Outdoor Kitchens tend to exceed 100% ROI, a deck can be up to 80% ROI, high end patios can also reach 80% ROI. Louvered Systems given their demand since hitting the US market, are expected to be roughy 70% and higher.

2. LouveRoof Systems Extend The Life Of Your Windows


The average window has a supposed life span of 20-40 years, though that assumes no sun exposure. Given increased sun exposure, that expectation drops as seal failures and rot from caulk that's dried and pulled free. Louvered Systems shade your windows either partially or totally, just as some awnings do, only they can't keep out the rain and have to be pulled back in the winter. Less replacements, means less overall cost to you.

3. LouveRoof Systems Keep Your House Cooler.

A 50-city study conducted by the Professional Awning Manufactures Association (PAMA) proves that the use of exterior awnings and shade solutions can dramatically reduce home energy consumption.  This can result in saving homeowners money by cutting down energy costs, increasing the comfort inside the home by reducing the heat inside, decreasing the dependency on a home's AC unit and is environmentally friendly by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions by using less electricity. 


The study took a look at older homes that were smaller and less insulated than newly built homes.  It found that awnings and shades can reduce solar heat between 55% - 77% and can reduce cooling energy by as much as 25%.

Click Here to read the full report.

​4. LouveRoof Systems Protect Your Outdoor Furniture & Are Maintenance Free

Most of the other Outdoor products will require maintenance in order to be in "SHOW" condition, which is needed for a house sale. Avoid painting and staining every year a pergola that doesn't even keep you dry in the rain. Get rid of the covers that you kept on the furniture during the nice seasons, because they weren't covered. Enjoy a system built to last. 

This last one isn't quantifiable, but you know how much your time is worth.