Louvered Roof Systems are the modern version of the traditional pergola, except with louvers that rotate closed, giving you total shade and rain protection when you want.

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ANGLED 90+45°

Rotate Fully Over to block out the sun from that side, while still enjoying the tremendous updraft through the open LouveRoof.

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Open fully to maximize the light underneath and back into the house

OPEN 90°

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OPEN 45°

Open the louvers slightly so just a blade of sunlight can shine on the page of your book without making you sweat.


Close the louvers, shut out the rain, and sit on that calming rain shower that puts you at the center of the world. The gentle sound you hear is the built in gutter system that rushes the water away and back to the ground.


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Dream With Us

A Louvered Roof

is only as good as its adjustability.

LouveRoof has been designed for range of motion, allowing you to rotate our louver beyond 90° 

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The Better Insulator

Our Louver is designed with two sections, creating a double wall louver, allowing an air space in between to circulate. The top can heat up, but the bottom stays cool, and you avoid the radiant heat of the summer sun.

Proudly Made In America
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Join The Family of Enthusiastic Customers

"We are so happy with how it turned out. Your installation guys were very nice, professional, and helpful with our questions."

"It transformed our back patio to an area we now use as a true living area part of the home. We feel it's the best part of our already nice home!"

"It provides wonderful shade and protects the porch from rain as well."