Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Louvered Roof

A Louvered Roof functions as an outdoor product designed to give you shade when you want it and light when you don't. Conventionally these products also are water tight, allowing you to sit underneath in the rain.

What Is It Made Out Of?

The LouveRoof's build is described in the How It's Made section of the website.

Where Do Louvered Roof Systems Come From?

Louvered Roofs are relatively new to the world, and specifically new to the United States. The prevailing story is that they were invented in Australia in the 80's, though theirs were made out of steel rather than aluminum. Shortly after, the idea spread to the United States, where it was realized that aluminum was a far better product for North America given our increased rainfall.

What Maintenence Does The LouveRoof Need?

Designed to need as little maintenence as possible, the LouveRoof requires only a hose to clean off the leaves and dirt that will accumulate. For the hard to clean spots, check out our Care & Maintenence Page, where it explains the best cleaning supplies.

Can I Adjust Or Move The Louvers To Whatever Rotation I Want?

Yes, the louvers of your LouveRoof can be rotated into whatever position you want, to allow for different angles of blocking the desired amount of sunlight. Each bay can be adjusted individually or together. Additionally, all motorized LouveRoofs with the Somfy Remote allow you to press a button and watch your LouveRoof automatically adjust to the desired position.

How Does It Move?

The LouveRoof can be utilized either with the manual crank or with a remote control and a motor. The motorized version has a receiver and a motor, where the remote communicates to the receiver, transmitting the signal to the motor. The manual crank option is simply hook, turn, and watch the louvers rotate.

What Is The Maximum Area That It Can Cover?

There is no limitation to the end size. As the LouveRoof grows to fit your space, it simply adds more bays, which it can comprise of as many as needed. Each bay can have a maximum dimension of 20'0" by 12'0"

What Colors Are Available?

Please visit the Colors & Sensors Section of the website to see all possible combinations, but the standard colors are White, Stone, Bronze, and Black. Custom powder coats and wood grain finishes are also available.

Is The LouveRoof Water Tight?

Yes. If you have a light rain or up to a heavy rain, as long as it isn't coming sideways, the LouveRoof's sealing louver system keeps you dry from all the sky can throw at you. All the water will rush to the gutters and drain then out of the system. Water Tight does not mean totally waterproof. Because it can open and close, the LouveRoof will not keep out the water as well as a traditional roof would.

Does The LouveRoof Help Keep My Space Cool?

Yes, the dual wall louvers provide a great insulation barrier, keeping the space up to 20 degrees cooler with the louvers closed. When closed, it also keeps the sun off your windows, increasing their lifespan and reducing the energy bills of cooling the house.

How Is The LouveRoof Designed To Fit My House?

LouveRoof Systems are designed to be built to match your house. Designed in house and constructed on site to fit the application, the LouveRoof works similar to a custom house construction as opposed to a kit for a specific dimension. Why do we do this? Have you ever seen a house that is perfectly straight, plumb, and level? Neither have we, which is why we have designed the LouveRoof to perfectly follow every small imperfection. It’ll look like it was meant to be there the whole time.

Can The LouveRoof Handle My Climate?

Every LouveRoof is built to not only meet the expectations of your climate, but exceed even some of the harshest weather conditions from the coastal winds of Florida to the snows of Minnesota. Each part is powder coded to order, so the beams for your project will be tailor made and reinforced for your chosen design and climate.

Where Is The LouveRoof Made?

Designed, Extruded, PowderCoated, and Installed Entirely in the United States by American Craftsmen, we are proud to say that LouveRoof is Made In America.

How Long Does It Take To Install A LouveRoof?

Entirely dependant on skill and expertise of the designer or contractor you are working with. Each bay can take typically 2-3 days to install, depending on the complexity of how it matches the house and what trim is used. Your designer or contractor will be able to give a more exact timeframe to expect.